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Missing church on Sunday doesn't mean you have to miss out on hearing the message. Choose from the sermons posted to view the video and find out what you missed.

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      The other night, my wife and I participated in a wonderful “Tables of Eight” gathering at a member home, and in our conversations we talked about things to which young people nowadays just couldn’t really relate.  For example, a rotary dial telephone.  That prompted a conversation about how very much phone technology has changed.  “Party line” telephones; overseas “trunk line” calls; mobile phones the siz...

      Jesus looked up and said to his disciples, "Blessed are you who are poor, for yours is the kingdom of God. 21 "Blessed are you who are hungry now, for you will be filled.”
       “Blessed,” has become a very ‘churchy’ word with little meaning for most people. “Happy” is another common translation, but that word has grown too small in contemporary usage, I fear. Think of “Blessed” as “unburdened” or “s...


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     At one time in western history, the church held amazing authority over the lives over all the people… even the kings and princes. Because only a few people could read or were educated, the priests and Pope had the power to even appear to determine our mortal and immortal future. And since there were almost no other group that held this authority, the people heeded and lived under the weight of the fear of...

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     Even then, I wasn’t sure how it happened.  I was a point guard and I had gone in for a lay-up, and the next thing I knew, I was on the floor holding my right hand.  I had somehow been knocked down, and one of the defenders, # 13, after trying to block the ball from going in, came down hard with his left foot on my right hand.  (I remember his number, because I too was #13 for my team.) It really hurt. It w...

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Gardening has never been my strong suit.  Only the sturdiest of plants have survived in my home when I am caring for them.  But then a dear friend shared with me some cuttings from her plants and assured me that if I just stuck them into the dirt, they would grow.  I was skeptical.  My friend was right.  With a few cuttings, my backyard is now home to over ten large planters filled with multiple thriving plants...

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    We had just arrived in Paris in the early morning, after a late-night flight from Douala.  We were exhausted and had just found our way to our guesthouse.  On the way in, I had noticed a delightful Parisian eatery that I knew both the kids and I would like, so we were on our way to get brunch for us all.  It was a new place, very different from the safety of our mission station they knew.  So many cars, so...

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