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Wednesday Service of the Word - November 25th, 2020

Sign up to attend here!

Come join us for our new Wednesday Evening Service of the Word! The service will be held outside in our courtyard, featuring live music and a message from our Ministry Staff. We have 14 socially distanced stations you can sign up for. 8 of these stations can seat up to 6 people from the same household. The 6 remaining stations are available for one or two people, also from the same household. Click on the link below and select the next available spot to complete the registration as indicated. You must include the number of people attending and your email address for confirmation that your registration is accepted and complete. Sign up to attend here! Masks covering your mouth and nose are mandatory to attend and must remain on for the duration of the service. All who are attending this service are reminded that congregating outside of your group in the courtyard, parking lots, and elsewhere on church property, is not permitted during COVID-19 precautions. Ushers will be present to provide further guidance.

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