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Virtual Mexico House Build, October 24, 2020:

Saturday, October 24th, 2020: Virtual Mexico House Build

For more about the project, click here:

As mentioned during the Mission Sunday update, we are tentatively planning to build our next house for a Mexican family, Saturday, October 24th.  Due to Covid-19 and related border restrictions, we will do this in Chula Vista.  In summary, we will assemble and paint the home components and Project Mercy personnel will deliver to Mexico and assemble.  More details are included in this link:

Since we will only be building the components, the time commitment will be much less than usual (4-5 hours max?). This is a great opportunity for those that like to build or paint, but have been unable to travel into Mexico for prior builds. 

If you are interested in participating in this build or have questions, please contact Jake Johnson ( 858-451-3268).

We do need to raise $7,000 for this build, so if you would like to contribute please mark your donation with "Mexico House Build".  Here is a link to the church website to donate via Paypal:

Thanks - Jake

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