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Virtual Mexico House Build, April 24, 2021:

Saturday, April 24th, 2020: Virtual Mexico House Build

For more about the project, click here:

Our next house build for a Mexican family is scheduled for Saturday, April 24th. Due to Covid-19 and related border restrictions, we will do this build in Chula Vista again. We will assemble and paint the home components and Project Mercy personnel will deliver to Mexico and assemble. For this build, we are partnering with Spirit of Joy Lutheran of Ramona to build 2 houses!

Thank you very much to those of you who have already donated! At this time, we still need to raise about $2500 to fund the houses, so if you would like to contribute (or have friends or family that might) please use the church PayPal link, or send a check to the church. Please remember to mark your donation with "Project Mercy".

Donate to Lutheran Church of the Incarnation of San Diego County

Food and household donations: Since many of you like to donate items to the family, we've created an online wish list of things that are good to donate. Please look at the list and sign-up for any items you would like to purchase and donate. Please share this link too:

Below is the bio for the family we are building a home for. We are building for the Astudillo Herrera family; a widowed mother and two sons aged 12 and 9. One of the boys suffers from epilepsy. We've also attached the bio for the family that Spirit of Joy volunteers will be building for.

If you are interested in participating in this build or have questions, please contact Jake Johnson ( 858-451-3268).

Thanks - Jake

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