Recap from the Conversations with Council Oct. 9, 2022 on Reconciling in Christ

On Sunday 10/9 the Council and the Love Committee hosted a discussion about Reconciling in Christ. We provided some basic information about what this program is. The floor was then opened to anyone who wanted to share a perspective or ask a question. Though it was sparsely attended, the conversation was enlightening and encouraging.

We took an anonymous poll toward the end to ask how the people present felt about going forward with RIC in our congregation. There were 28 people who attended. Of those, 5 left before the poll. The results of the poll were 17 in favor of going forward and 6 undecided, with one of those people leaning toward not going forward.

If you were not able to attend, please watch the recording of the conversation. The Love Committee intends to hold further discussions on this topic. We would like for all congregation members to participate, as this is important for the future of our community. Email if you have thoughts or questions about this topic.

Link to the recording: