Mexico House Build - October 2022

10-21-22 UPDATE

Mexico House Build: Volunteers from ILC and St. Bart's Episcopal will leave early Saturday morning to build 2 houses for needy and deserving families in Baja, Mexico. Thank you to our volunteers, and everyone who contributed funds and household goods. Please also pray for an easy day of travel, and safe and successful building for our volunteers.


10-14-22 UPDATE

The Mexico House Build mission project is next Saturday, October 22nd.

  • We can still use a few more builders. We have 17 and we'd like to have at least 20. If you've not signed up yet and want to join, please let Jake Johnson know. Also feel free to invite friends if you think they would enjoy and can help build or paint.

  • Pickup to use? We may need another pickup to carry stuff for our build and part of St. Bart's. If you have access to a pickup that we could use for the day, please let Jake know. He would be happy to cover the gas and Mexican insurance.

  • Funds: We have raised enough funds, so we are good-to-go on that front!

There are still many open items on the sign-up sheet for donations for our family, the Lucio Tranquilino family, a mother, father, son (7) and daughter (2). Donations for the family help make the house we build into a home for the families, and are greatly appreciated by them. If interested and able to donate, please sign up via the following link:

Mexico House Build Donations

Donated items can be left in the bin in the Narthex this week, or dropped off at the church Friday morning between 9 and 11am. Please contact Jake Johnson (, 858-451-3268) with any questions.