Love Committee Announcement


The Love Committee and the ILC council are pursuing the answer to this question. We have been gathering information from some in the congregation and we've gotten some great feedback. We have been reaching out to some individuals to solicit your thoughts and perspectives. Others of you have emailed us your thoughts, which we appreciate. Here's some of what we've heard and done so far:

  • People who are unable to stand, or prefer not to, need seating up front in the sanctuary so they can see the screens. 3 chairs have been removed on either side of the center aisle to accommodate those in wheelchairs or with walkers.

  • Closed captioning has been turned on during the livestream for those with difficulty hearing. Closed captions are already available for our videos.

  • Large-print copies of the order of service for the traditional service are available upon request for anyone who needs one. Advance notice is requested in order to accommodate this need.

  • Headsets are available for those in the traditional service who need assistance with hearing.

  • For someone who has difficulty rising from a chair, having arms on the chair is very helpful. There are several of these types of chairs available in the sanctuary. Advance notice is requested in order to accommodate this need.

  • Kids with disabilities may benefit from having an older companion who is committed to be with them during Sunday School.

Some things will need more time and attention:

  • The restroom doors are difficult to open, especially for those with walkers. The doorstops don't always work to keep them propped open.

  • The handicapped spots are often full on Sunday morning. Please remember that these parking spaces are only for those with a handicaped sign or license plate.

  • Consideration for those with cognitive disabilities - we don't yet have much information about the needs of these people.

  • We're working on getting an updated campus map, showing the location of handicapped restrooms, to put in one of the kiosks and also to be able to hand out to people who are new to the campus.

  • We could consider having an ASL interpreter if/when the need arises. So far we are not aware of a need for this support.

  • There is some support for braille worship materials. We aren't aware of any greater need than what is already available.

We continue to invite those who themselves have disabilities, or who have a loved one with a disability, to join in a discussion about your experiences at ILC. Email and let us know you want to be part of the conversation.