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Letter From Pastor Luther - September 24th, 2020

Love Intentionally

Love Inclusively

Love Universally

Love Completely

Love Everyone

Love Better!

September 24, 2020   (Week 28)

Hi again….it’s me….

This week, I want to focus on the conversations we’ve been having about the “fall” season and beyond.  It feels a bit weird, to tell you the truth, because we’ve actually increased our activities since the pandemic began, and never went into any sort of “summertime break”.  That said, it is appropriate to begin to look at the re-initiation of things that typically begin in the fall season.

For example, our Sunday school has already kicked off virtually, and we’re looking forward to a successful year. Likewise, a new and exciting, if modified program, is underway for our Confirmation students.  We are hoping to re-initiate some of our regular activities as well.  In the coming week or two, these are some of the things we hope you’ll see:

Sunday school on Zoom on Sunday mornings.

Confirmation class on Zoom on Sunday afternoons.

A study time immediately after worship called the Message Forum (sermon discussion)


Women’s Monday evening Bible study on Zoom.

Men’s Monday Knights (already in full swing) in person and on Zoom.

Men’s Saturday Morning Bible Study (already going) on Zoom.

A mid-week Service of the Word, to expand upon our evening devotion on that day.

Daily Bible readings called “To Start Your Day” availably by being on our email list.

Monthly WELCA Bible Study, as possible.

A children’s message as part of worship on Sunday mornings.

Food, etc., collection for Interfaith Community Services: Tue, Fri, Sat (9-11).

These are some of the things we hope that you will find enticing and in which you will participate in the coming weeks.  As ironic as it sounds, one might actually say that our church is as active as it has ever been.  And we are making sure that this is happening in an effort to support our community of believers in the best possible way.  Please do avail yourself of opportunities for spiritual growth and learning, so that you may remain as healthy and happy as you can, particularly in face of the unusual circumstances that we’re all trying to navigate these days.

The uncertainty and fluidity of the infection rates in our county mean that we continue to be in a holding pattern with respect to a tentative (and certainly modified) re-opening date.  Our church council is regularly meeting and discussing “when to do what next”.  Please be patient….it will come!

As always, you can access all our activities and information on our website, and with our new phone app (available for both Apple and Android devices).  Please do stay on top of everything by accessing the information regularly.

At the risk of sounding boring, I want to make the same plea to you all that I have consistently made for the last 28 weeks…. Please take care of yourselves, physically and spiritually.  We have a wonderful opportunity for introspection and reflection, so let your church be a guide for you as you wander in the COVID-imposed wilderness.  We are hopefully providing good resources for everyone.  And if you have a need, any sort of need; please don’t hesitate to reach out.  Your church, as always, is here for you!  And we want to help.  In the meantime, please know that you are blessed, and that you are called to be a blessing.  We have served your neighbors with pastoral care and counseling, gifts of food and help with shelter, and in a number of other ways.  And we can do that only with your help.  Thank you for being faithful stewards of the manifold blessings of our Lord!

Take care, stay safe, and remember to be a blessing to someone else today!

Pr. Luther

- After worship, around 11 am, Darrell and Nancy Datte host our after worship coffee/donut fellowship time (BYOC/D) on Zoom, and look forward to welcoming everyone in our community. Please think about joining in and saying hi to your brothers and sisters. That gathering can be found here:

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