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Letter From Pastor Luther - August 26th, 2020

Love Intentionally

Love Inclusively

Love Universally

Love Completely

Love Everyone

Love Better!

August 26, 2020    (Week 24)

Greetings Sisters and Brothers!

Time continues to march on, and we still find ourselves perplexed by this pandemic.  I am sorry for that, for all who are suffering.  But I want you to know that your church is alive and well in the world.

About now, schools all over the county are “opening up” again.  I am in prayer for students, parents, teachers and administrators.  There has been such profound disorganization that this “re-opening” has had an almost farcical character to it.  Administrators are trying their best to manage the expectations of the public, and adhere to the rigorous requirements of the government for safety and health consciousness.  Because the requirements have changed on occasion, so has the approach administrators have communicated to teachers.  Teachers are doing their level best, to accommodate the drifting direction they’ve received, and are trying to put together the very best quality instruction they can, given the strictures before them.  Parents are anxious for the children’s safety, but need to get back to work.  And the students are simply tired of being cooped up, and are anxious to be with friends again.  I am hopeful that good sense and good planning will prevail, and that all reopening efforts will go safely and successfully!

Businesses and churches are anxious to get back to normal, but we are as yet, restricted.  These restrictions are necessary because the virus is not yet under control, and though we have increasingly successful therapeutic techniques, there is no vaccine.  And so we wait, and we continue to exercise best practices for the sake of all of God’s children.

I want to remind you about our search for a kidney donor that I shared with you in my newsletter a couple of weeks ago.  (You can find it on our website).  Please keep this possibility in your prayers, and if you feel moved by the Spirit to check out how to participate, please do!  The need is serious!  You can start by checking out the process here: .

This weekend, at our 10 am worship service, we have the privilege of hearing from some of our inspired adult members who’ve been reflecting on urgent issues impacting our world these days.  I hope you’ll join us for worship, and participate in their invitation to engage in conversation about racial justice in our communities. 

If you haven’t already done so, please download our church’s app for your smartphones from the Apple App Store for iPhones and iPads, and from the Google Play Store for Android devices.  Our app connects you directly with our website and puts at your disposal everything we’re providing at the touch of a link.  If you don’t have a smartphone but can access a computer, you can find everything at .

I want to close with a plea that you’ve heard me make repeatedly in recent weeks.  I encourage everyone to attend to their spiritual well-being as best they can.  The exigencies and stresses of today’s world are overwhelming much of the time, and it is our faith that will help us “keep an even keel.”  We are doing the best we can to provide meaningful and timely worship opportunities, devotions and bible study to help all of you deepen your faith and remember, more than anything else, that God is in control.  There are many different devotional resources available to you.  Please check out the following two examples:

Luther Seminary from St. Paul, MN sends out a lovely daily devotional called, “God Pause.”  You can subscribe here:

One example of a daily devotional appropriate for youth, recommended by Deacon Mindy, can be found here:

As always, sisters and brothers, if you are in need; if there is anything at all that your church can do to serve you, please reach out!  We’re here for you!

God is with you!  Be well and stay safe!

In Christ’s service,

Pr. Luther

- After worship, around 11 am, Darrell and Nancy Datte host our after worship coffee/donut fellowship time (BYOC/D) on Zoom, and look forward to welcoming everyone in our community. Please think about joining in and saying hi to your brothers and sisters. That gathering can be found here:

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