Letter From Pastor Luther- August 12th, 2021

Love Intentionally

Love Inclusively

Love Universally

Love Completely

Love Everyone, always

Love Better!

August 12, 2021 (Time in Pandemic: 1 Year, 5 Months, 1 Week, 1 Day)

Sisters and brothers in Christ!

Time for another update….

You will have read by now that Pr. Tim has accepted a call to Trinity Lutheran Church in Sleepy Eye, MN. August 22, will be his last service with us, so I hope you will all try to be there. He is going to preach at every service that weekend, so you will have an opportunity to say farewell, and to see him before he takes his leave of us. I for one, will miss his humor, his kindness and most especially his friendship. I wish him every blessing in the ministry to which our Lord is now calling him. Trinity Lutheran will be blessed in his coming. For thoseof you who are able, please join us celebrate Pr. Tim's ministry amongst us, at a farewell coffee hour after the 8:30am worship service on the 22nd. I hope you will all come to wish Pr. Tim's God's richest blessings in ministry in Minnesota.

We are continuing to encourage folks to wear masks inside the sanctuary, as the COVID variants which are still very prevalent are highly transmissible even for those who have been vaccinated, and although vaccination means decreased likelihood of illness or death, we want to protect all those who have not yet been able to be vaccinated; most especially, our children.

The council has had conversation about engaging a “well known” intern from Wartburg seminary in a half time capacity for the coming year. Please know that when this happens, it will be an opportunity and privilege for us to provide some practical experience and training for one of our seminary students, for Word and Service ministry in the ELCA. Please also note that this internship, about which we’ve been in conversation for several months, is not intended in any way to be replacement for the position vacated by Pr. Tim. That is another matter that will be treated next week and beyond, by our church council.

If any have sent emails to anyone on staff, and have not had a response in a reasonable period of time, please reach out by alternative means (phone, text, or perhaps by emailing another staff person). We have been having random issues with our email, and cannot quite isolate the cause. So as we continue to work the issue, please feel free to use alternatives.

On Sunday, August 22, our contemporary service will be “revived” once again; featuring our excellent band “Revived!” Please note that we will meet on Sundays at 5 pm., so if that style of worship is your thing, please come to church at 5! We look forward to seeing you!

Grace & Peace,

Pr. Luther


Saturday 5:30 p.m. Worship Resumes!

The Saturday 5:30 p.m. worship service will resume on July 17th, 2021. No sign ups are necessary. Please continue to check the church website (www.godamong.us) for safety guidelines and precautions.

GODAMONG.US UPDATES NEEDED Are you the leader of a group or committee here at Incarnation? WE NEED YOUR HELP!

Our website, godamong.us, needs updated information about your group or committee. Please take a moment to find your group’s page on Incarnation’s website and send updated information and pictures to scott@godamong.us. If you can’t find your group/committee on our website, please send information and pictures about your group to scott@godamong.us.

Thank You!

Hygiene Supplies Needed! Interfaith is low on hygiene supplies, shampoo, deodorant, bar soap. There is also a need for new or gently used blankets. Thank you for your consistent generosity!

Food Drop off for Interfaith Community Services Every Tuesday, Friday and Saturday between 9:00 and 11:00 in the morning, volunteers are in the parking lot to move groceries and take all the donations to ICS.

We would like to invite everyone to please see the church's website for updated Covid precautions.

We encourage everyone to attend if you can. Thank you and see you in Church!