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Letter From Pastor Luther - April 3rd, 2020

Sisters and Brothers in Christ!     Week Four.     I hope this finds you and yours doing well, during this time of isolation and social crisis.  We at your church are plugging along.  I checked at this morning’s staff meeting, and at that point, there were no major problems to report.  Everyone on staff is doing well, and eager to get back to work on campus.  That said, the volume of calls, and the need for pastoral care seems to have exploded, and we are here for that!  We are here for you!         This letter is intended to give you a bit of an update on activities around the church.  Essentially, we are maintaining the initiatives we’ve begun in the last couple of weeks.  We are now formally announcing that Palm Sunday and Easter worship will be held virtually, (online), and we anticipate that to be the case through the month of April.  Holy Week services will be abbreviated to be “special editions” if you like, of our evening devotions, so we hope you will all be able to join us.  One item of import that I want to draw your attention to, since a number of requests have come in, is that we are actively engaging with the Pacifica Synod and the greater ELCA, regarding the question of offering the sacrament virtually.  We want to try as best we can, to do things according to the principles laid out for us by our church.  That said, we are tentatively planning to celebrate the Lord’s Supper on Easter Sunday morning, at our 10:00 am worship time online.  (So please be ready on Easter morning with bread and wine/grape juice to join with us in the sacrament.)     Important Notes:     1). The campus will remain closed until further notice, with all worship and study times going online.  All external activities that normally take place on campus have also been postponed indefinitely.  At this point, as previously mentioned, we are planning worship through Easter Sunday, anticipating a likely virtual worship format through the month of April.  Ministry staff remains available by telephone or email, so please reach out if you have a need.     2). Sunday morning worship is going to continue at 10:00 am on Facebook Live.  ( ), and later posted on our webpage ( ) and our YouTube channel ( ).  Look for the worship outline online at: .     3). We are continuing to reach out with evening devotions live every evening (Monday thru Saturday) at 7:00 pm.  You can access these devotions at the internet addresses listed above.     4). Every weekday (Monday thru Friday), you can join Pr. Tim and other ministry staff in a check in time on Zoom.  This is how you get there.  ( ).  I hope you’ll join us, just to let us know how you are doing, to say hi to your neighbors, and to let us know if you need anything.  Remember, we’re here for you!     For those who use the devotional “The Word in Season,” they are in stock in the church and we can mail them to you if you let us know you’d like them.  Please email or and we’ll make sure a copy is sent to you.     I hope you can feel that you are being lifted up in prayer.  We all pray differently, but God pays attention to every one of our prayers.  I have always prayed for our community in “batches”.  (I used to try to name every family, every week, but with needed petitions for individual situations, I ran out of time!!). Bit by bit, slowly but surely, I’ve held you all up in my prayers, as I know have Pastor Tim and Deacon Mindy.  Please do let us know if you have special needs, or perhaps, just want to talk.  We are here for you!  As God’s servants in this place, it is our privilege to be here for you, so that you might know that God is always here for you!     Stay safe, brothers and sisters!     In Christ’s service,     Rev. Dr. Luther W. Symons, Senior Pastor 

- After worship, around 11 am, Darrell and Nancy Datte host our after worship coffee/donut fellowship time (BYOC/D) on Zoom, and look forward to welcoming everyone in our community. Please think about joining in and saying hi to your brothers and sisters. That gathering can be found here:

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