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Join the Welcome Team!


The Love Committee has formed a Welcome Team, which launched on January 22nd. We invite you to join! We were inspired by the wonderful generosity and openness of the Muslim community, who visited our church during Ramadan. In their spirit, we will seek out new visitors, greet them and find out who they are, while also sharing a bit about our church and our beliefs, connecting them with groups or committees of interest, and presenting them with a gift to welcome them assertively. We are a wonderful, welcoming, open community, and we want our guests to know it! Let's reach out to them and make sure they do. We have prepared some gifts of significance to our faith to share as an opportunity to discuss who we are and what we believe in.

There are several ways you can sign up or find out more.

  • Look for Phil Ensberg in the courtyard after services, get all your questions answered and sign up.

  • Sign up online with Signup Genius.

  • Email to find out more or to join the team.

This will be a fun way to introduce new people to our wonderful community! If you see someone in the courtyard with a gift bag, take a moment to welcome them.

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