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ILC Letter To The Congregation - July 30th, 2022

Hello ILC!

I hope you are all are enjoying the summer season.

As some of you may have heard, ILC will be changing the time for Sunday morning services beginning September 4th. Worship time will move from 9:30 to 10:30. This information was intended to be presented at an August congregational meeting allowing for discussion, questions and answers, but some have been made aware of this already. In order to get the correct information to the congregation, I would like to clarify the changes and the plan moving forward.

Reasons for the change:

  • ILC was unsuccessful this year in recruiting an intern. It is our plan to continue to support the ELCA’s intern program, but we face the reality of not having an immediate replacement for intern Jennifer. Her term of service ends at the end of August.

  • Only having two ministerial staff (the Pastor and Deacon Mindy) means we cannot continue to have three concurrent services given the requirements for worship and our and Shepherd of Life’s technological capabilities.

  • There is considerable concern within our congregation about the impact of the anchoring church program, mostly having to do with not having Pastor Luther at the Sunday morning worship service at all or most Sunday’s.

  • Supporting the current model of worship times has been possible, though has been difficult for staff to sustain over an extended period.

  • Stress on the staff is exacerbated by a long-term ministerial shortage. We have recognized for a while that we are a congregation that needs three people on the ministerial staff but can only afford two. We were able to mitigate this to a degree with our intern, but this was at best a temporary solution, and one we may not be able to repeat with our next intern. Finding part time ministerial support is a top Council priority.

Specifics of the change:

  • ILC will move its Sunday morning worship time from 9:30 to 10:30. This time change is TEMPORARY.

  • ILC will continue to hold the traditional style and contemporary style worship services at the same time.

  • Pastor Luther will be at all ILC services. Absences are possible but will be more along the schedule and practices of the past (absences for sickness, vacation, scheduled training or conferences).

  • Shepherd of Life’s worship time will move from 9:30 to 8:30. This time change is also temporary.

Plan moving forward:

  • Council is planning on using the time from September to November to resolve the relationship with Shepherd of Life, make technological improvements for worship in both the Sanctuary and Lighthouse, and work to recruit and hire new staff to support the ministry team.

  • The primary challenge facing ILC at this time is the ministerial staff shortage. This will be a focus moving into the fall to address the expectations of ministerial support and options for obtaining assistance. We will present options to the congregation as soon as possible.

  • As previously stated, the worship service time change is TEMPORARY. The time will move back to an earlier time as soon as possible. We anticipate this will be no later than Christ the King Sunday, November 20th. Worship time is currently planned to return to 9:30.

  • The concurrent worship styles (having both types of services at the same time) will continue.

  • Shepherd of Life is very interested in continuing the anchoring church relationship but is aware of the impact on ILC. We are conducting discussions as to changes in their worship times and possibly days that would allow the relationship to continue but have minimal to no impact on ILC’s worship schedule and availability of ministry staff.

We appreciate your support and patience as we move forward. We will be discussing this and other topics during our next Conversations with Council meeting scheduled for August 14th.

Thank you,

Bob Sauer, Council President


As you probably know, the team arrived safely home from Cameroon on Thursday. It was an amazing trip and many relationships were renewed and built. Here’s a brief recap of the final days of the project.

They continued to work on the crocheting and handiwork with the girls. The team also did some work on the Foyer building including putting bunk beds together, hanging curtain rods and hanging a bulletin board. As Mary Talle put it, “The walls are made of concrete and we broke a few drill bits, but manage to find replacements and get things hung.”

The Sunday before the team left they went to church with Sophie. Sophie preached and Pr. Luther did the benediction.

They also watched and joined the girls in singing and getting ready for the official grand opening of the Foyer Girls’ Center at the end of the month.

Please click on the link below to see photos of what has been happening. A big thank you to Mary Talle for posting these and many more photos on Facebook.

Thank you for all of your support for this mission and for all of mission activities at Incarnation. We couldn’t do this without you!


Incarnation is invited to attend the DBSA (the Depression Bipolar Support Alliance) meetings at San Rafael Parish. The support group meets the 2nd and 4th Wednesday evenings each month at San Rafael Parish in Meeting Rooms A & B in our Pastoral Center Building. In-person meetings will resume July 28th. To find out how to access it, please call Lynn at (858)518-3176.

Summer Education Opportunity

Tired of watching reruns of shows you didn't like to begin with? Want to spend some summer hours enriching your spiritual life? Check out the Great Courses DVDs in the church library on such topics as History of Early Christianity, the Old Testament, History of the Bible and others, or shorter programs on Martin Luther, the Dead Sea Scrolls and Dietrich Bonhoeffer who was martyred in WW2. Your church library holds a wealth of resources; take advantage of it.

Clothing Drive

The monthly "Service after Service" clothing project will take a break for a few months - but that doesn't mean that we are not still collecting good, clean clothing for refugee families in San Diego and for TACO. You can bring them to church on Sundays (or during the week) to leave in the church office. We anticipate that the need will only grow with more resettlement of families from Afghanistan and the Ukraine. Tell your friends and neighbors about this program as a way of promoting our church family.

And -- mark your calendar for November 6 as our annual Interfaith Day of Service when we celebrate All Saints Sunday with " God's work - Our hands" in the community.

WOW! The cost of groceries is skyrocketing!! Which has cost us a significant decline in food donations. If you are noticing this at the checkout imagine how it’s effecting those who are already food insecure. Feeding our neighbors in need is one of the most important things Jesus tells us to do! We can still do this, if each and every one of you brings a little. Just 3 or 4 cans each week from everybody will make a huge difference. There are often sales on canned meats, hearty soups, beans and vegetables. Let’s get back in the habit of bringing something every time we come to church. Food and hygiene products can be put in the food barrels in the narthex, or in the library, someone is in the front parking lot Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays between 9 and 11 or if you are not comfortable going out just yet, email me and I will pick it up from your front door. Thank you for your never ending generosity!! -The Food Donation Team

PRAYER CHAIN The purpose of our prayer chain is to provide spiritual support and healing for church members and their families and friends. If you'd like to be a member of our prayer chain or if you would like to submit a prayer request, please notify the church office either by phone or email: 858-487-2225 or

Action Teams If you already know how to apply online, this is a good time of the year to run a project. If you need more information please contact Jess Reimnitz, 858.345.0757 or Collecting food and clothes items for families in need; Assembling Thanksgiving boxes; Operation Christmas Child; Supporting Mission Trips; Sunday School projects. They provide seed money, so you can support causes important to you. Thrivent created a program to encourage its members to live lives of generosity. Are you a Thrivent member? If so, do you know you can apply for between $50-$250 dollars to help your church with a project?

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