Holiday Adopt-a-Family 2020

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Holiday Adopt a Family - 2020

THANK YOU to everyone who participated in this year’s Holiday Adopt a Family gift drive. Each person’s Christmas Wish List is being filled thanks to your generous support of this effort.

Gift Drop Instructions

We ask that you deliver your gifts to the front parking lot of the church following the specific instructions below and at the times listed.

Gifts must be NEW and UNWRAPPED.

Gift cards must be given to Deacon Mindy directly and include the person’s name, number, and the dollar value of the card. Do not put gift cards in bags with other gift items.

Gift receipts can be taped to the specific items if available.

Gifts need to be bagged together, with the person’s name and number clearly visible.

Gifts are to be brought to the church on:

- Saturday, November 28 from 11:00am – 1:00pm

- Sunday, November 29 from 12:30pm – 2:00pm

- Saturday, December 5 from 11:00am – 1:00pm

If you need assistance or have questions, please contact Deacon Mindy.

Thanks to you all on behalf of Interfaith and their clients. Your generosity will bring joy to clients who otherwise would be without gifts.

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Holiday Adopt a Family 2020

Meet our adopted families…

ID Number: 2002

Eugenie, Charlin, Rosi, Rodolph, Leticia, and Grace

Newer to the U.S., this family has had a really challenging first few years. Through their struggles, they have learned so much and make sure to help other refugee families. The mom, Eugenie, now works as a nurse’s assistant. Charlin, the father, works two jobs in maintenance to make ends meet. They are incredibly kind and giving people. As you can imagine, money is tight.  With three kids growing up and a new baby on the way, getting food on the table is a challenge let alone buying Christmas gifts. Your donations mean the world to them and their children.  

ID Number: 54


Marlene became homeless in 2018 after the death of her husband as she was left with no means of support. Marlene was having significant medical issues and had no personal support system to help her during this traumatic event. Marlene was living on the streets for eight months until she was approached by a stranger who told her about Father Joe's Village. She was able to get into the Father Joe's Women's shelter where she remained for three months. While she was at Father Joe's, a housing navigator referred her to the San Diego Housing Commission and Marlene was able to obtain housing in August 2019. She has gained housing stability with the assistance of Interfaith Community Services, who supports her with ongoing case management services. Marlene always looks for the good in others and finds various ways to help her neighbors. Although Marlene is struggling with significant health issues, she is active in her housing complex and has engaged in community activities "pre--COVID". Marlene is upbeat, positive, and always wearing a smile. She has set goals in terms of remaining stable in her housing and is working towards improving her medical health. She remains very hopeful regarding her future.

ID Number: 110

Tonnae, J'Nesia, Jason, Taejon, Jontae, Jahmarri, Josiah, Precious, and Cali

Tonnae is a single mother of 8 children. She is the provider for the family. This last month has been extremely hard for because the father of her 4 oldest children has been going through a mental breakdown. They hope to check him in to mental health facility so he can receive the proper care he needs. Tonnae tries not to burden the children with her problems and their fathers’ problems as well. Tonnae has also been struggling due to her one her younger daughters being hospitalized two times. Precious is one of her younger children and has been suffering from flu like symptoms and at one-point doctor thought she was diagnosed with COVID but results came back negative. She is still under treatment and has to go to the doctors frequently. Tonnae is trying her best in guiding all her children and helping them out with the new virtual learning at home while still working a part time job. Tonnae states it’s extremely difficult at times but does not lose hope everything will be okay. Tonnae hopes to get a bigger house or apartment, where everyone is able to have their own privacy. Tonnae and her family wishes everyone Happy Holidays and give a million thanks for everything you do! 😊

ID Number: 145

Rolanda and Kingdavid

Rolanda is a single mother who has an 8-year-old son, Kingdavid. They moved to Interfaith’s Genesis Transitional Housing in 2013. She graduated from the Serenity House program in 2012 and has been clean and sober for 9 years. While living in the Genesis program her oldest daughter passed away. Interfaith staff supported her through this time. Rolanda stayed strong and kept her sobriety.  Rolanda shared, "I remained clean, and never picked up during these trying times. But I got through it, by the Grace of God. Interfaith has been very good to me and my son. I'm very grateful for all the staff that work for Interfaith. Thank you for making sure my son and I have a great Christmas."Rolanda graduated from the Genesis program in 2014 and received a Section 8 voucher. She rents a 2-bedroom apartment in our Interfaith Permanent Housing.

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