Freedom To Choose

Get involved with this opportunity to minister to our incarcerated siblings! The Freedom to Choose Project (FTC) is all about redemption and the power of second chances. We assist men and women in stepping free of past identifications as “criminals” and re-identifying themselves as valuable members of our society.

During the pandemic, all in-person programs stopped. Since Spring 2020, Freedom to Choose has been developing and offering two self-study programs for our incarcerated siblings - the 33-Day Challenge and the Self-Directed Learning Program. As a result, our presence has expanded to almost every California state prison. The participants receive written materials with instruction. The Self-Directed Learning Program also includes "growthwork" (our version of homework), which they mail back to Freedom to Choose. Volunteers read the growthwork and offer loving feedback and encouragement for each participant. This feedback is printed and returned to the participants, along with their original growthwork.

Here are a few responses from participants in these self-study programs:

“Thank you for the continued education & support. I take you all with me, every day and in every session…” (Derek, currently in San Quentin)

“I am humble grateful to take on this Challenge to better myself and the Community. I am a solution, no longer the problem.” (Adrian, currently in Ironwood State Prison)

“I enjoyed the blessings challenge because when you take time to notice the good things you don’t have the space to dwell in the negative.” (Jamie, currently at Central California Women’s Facility)

Visit Freedom to Choose Project to donate, volunteer, engage in current events or to learn more.

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