Cancer—Now What?

Updated: Feb 26

The Stephen Ministers have been reading this book and were so impressed with it we wanted to put it out there for the entire congregation to be able to order. It contains great concrete, compassionate suggestions how to proceed through the diagnosis.

So if you want it for yourself, or to give as a gift, please contact me this week to add your name to the list. The cost will be apx $20 (give or take a few $ depending on how many we order.) Email Sally Nelson at to request a copy to be ordered.

Cancer—Now What? Cancer—Now What? is a book to give to those with cancer and their loved ones, providing useful information and practical ideas for dealing with the wide range of medical, emotional, relational, and spiritual challenges that cancer brings. With 74 concise chapters organized into 12 topical parts, people can read the book from beginning to end or directly to whatever chapters address their needs at any given time.

Cancer—Now What? draws on the experiences and insights Dr. Kenneth C. Haugk gained as he walked alongside his wife, Joan, during her battle with cancer. It then builds on that foundation through extensive research conducted with over 3,500 cancer survivors, loved ones, and medical professionals. The book is written in a warm, conversational style, encouraging and empowering readers throughout their journey.

Giving this book to those facing cancer is a powerful, meaningful way to offer tangible care and support during a difficult time. People who give the book include friends, relatives, pastors and church staff, oncologists and other medical professionals, business professionals, and many others.

Each copy of Cancer—Now What? includes a Quick Tips card, which offers suggestions for how readers might use the book.

Author: Kenneth C. Haugk, Ph.D. Format: Paperback 345 pages Publisher: Stephen Ministries

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