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What Should Joseph Do?

Watch the video:

Imagine the scene, it is a common scene throughout history, a man who is very much in love with a young girl. He has hoped to marry this girl since he first saw her. Finally, his dream has come true, they are engaged to be married! The word is out, their village has heard the news, and they all anticipate there will soon be a joyous wedding in their village with all the celebration these two righteous and faithful people deserve… Then the young man, hears news that destroys his dreams and shatters his anticipated future… she is pregnant… and he knows he is not the father…

If this was a movie day, how do you think a modern movie director would tell the story about what would happen next? There would be anger! A strong desire for retribution as he feels his honor has been destroyed! Definitely some sort of violence and dramatic dialogue of betrayal!

And what about her? Is she a victim or a young woman rebelling against the confines of her culture? What about the child? Will the child even have a future? Could it be possible that the child will actually be the one who brings everyone back together and reconcile all their relationships?

What if you were Joseph in today’s text? What would do? How would you respond to the news that your beloved fiancé is pregnant?

Be sure to tune in!

Pastor Tim

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