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The other night, my wife and I participated in a wonderful “Tables of Eight” gathering at a member home, and in our conversations we talked about things to which young people nowadays just couldn’t really relate. For example, a rotary dial telephone. That prompted a conversation about how very much phone technology has changed. “Party line” telephones; overseas “trunk line” calls; mobile phones the size of toasters; all things that few people under the age of 21 would have heard of, let alone experience.

In this Sunday’s curious gospel text, Luke recounts an incident where Jesus is challenged by a group of Sadducees. But before telling this story, he clarifies who the Sadducees are. It is important for us to understand that at the time of the writing of the gospel of Luke, the movement that was the “Sadducees” no longer existed. However, the issue they pushed, and that this story was attempting to show was still important. The debate about resurrection was raging for centuries in the Jewish community and it continued among the followers of Jesus. “What will really happen after we die?”

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