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Seeds of the Kingdom

Watch the video:

Gardening has never been my strong suit. Only the sturdiest of plants have survived in my home when I am caring for them. But then a dear friend shared with me some cuttings from her plants and assured me that if I just stuck them into the dirt, they would grow. I was skeptical. My friend was right. With a few cuttings, my backyard is now home to over ten large planters filled with multiple thriving plants that began with those few cuttings. The gift of those cuttings changed my impressions of what my yard could become. The “Heart Work” of Stewardship was celebrated at worship this weekend. The Gospel lesson we shared (Mark 4: 21-34 MSG) speaks about growing the Kingdom of God from small seeds. Jesus speaks of generosity and sharing creating growth; appropriate for the theme of stewardship.

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