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We had just arrived in Paris in the early morning, after a late-night flight from Douala. We were exhausted and had just found our way to our guesthouse. On the way in, I had noticed a delightful Parisian eatery that I knew both the kids and I would like, so we were on our way to get brunch for us all. It was a new place, very different from the safety of our mission station they knew. So many cars, so many people. Slowly but surely, we made our way across the street and down the block a little bit, until we were there. It turned out that the restaurant was so popular with them, that they wanted to go there again for dinner, and breakfast again the next day. Mama wasn’t so happy with eating at the golden arches for the third consecutive meal, but the boys were insistent. By the time we were walking for that breakfast, they knew where they were going, and they were wanting to lead me, pulling me along the way. For their safety, I had to slow them down and make them pay attention, not just to the destination, but to the journey. Join us for worship this weekend, where we shall explore the nature of faith an unquantifiable part of the relationship we have with God, that both forms and informs our discipleship. Discipleship is the journey that leads to the destination, which is eternal life. The irony that once on the journey, that one is in fact, “living” the destination, creates confusion and prompts us to an unwarranted independence. Not unlike children, we sometimes forget the necessity of God’s guiding hand. Unlike children, who do grow and learn independence for life on this earth, as God’s children, we are never in a position where we don’t need God.