The Disciples' Prayer

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Whenever I have the privilege of participating in pre-marital counseling, I share with the couple, that the most intimate thing they will ever do together is to pray, and when I require that they go home and try, they all come back with stories of how awkward it difficult. Prayer is like that. It is truly intimate. Your closest connection...with God! It is something we shouldn’t shy away from, but keep at it! When we pray, nothing is hidden, or should be hidden, or can be hidden. God sees us as we are. And that’s not embarrassing or a bad thing. God loves us. So we should pray...even if its awkward. We should keep at it too. Always. Just as in our familial relationships, we make no pretense of the way we dress or behave. We can “let our hair down” and be ourselves. Pray should be like that for us, with God. We should feel free, knowing that we can be ourselves with God.