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The Harvest is Plentiful!

Watch the video:

Jesus proclaims to us that there is an amazing harvest just waiting for us to gather. I wonder what kind of harvest Jesus is talking about. Corn? Wheat? Strawberries? You? Or, Me? If people around us are to be considered a “Harvest,” Jesus says we are all ‘ready’ to be gathered in together to become a bountiful gift to the world. What kind of ‘harvest’ is Jesus talking about? I totally understand how a strawberry, after being harvested, is a wonderful blessing every morning at breakfast… but what kind of blessing could we be after we have been “picked, harvested and gathered in?” As God has provided so much bounty to feed and sustain us all, the ‘harvest’ Jesus is speaking about must truly be a blessing all of us must be seeking RIGHT NOW. The “Mission Field” is all around the world, and also right before our eyes… but who will go out into this field to gather the harvest? And what does this mean anyway? To go out into the mission field to share the Good News, comfort the afflicted, feed the hungry, or speak justice in a “stiff necked” world, is not an easy, and sometimes not even a safe task. Yet, we are still called to reach out and share the gifts we have been given by our Lord and Savior. It is by Proclaiming the Gospel, Welcoming the Stranger, Caring for the Widow, Stranger and Orphan, our church becomes the true Body of Christ in this world, relevant and highly desired. Sometimes people listen, sometimes they don’t, but one thing we know for sure is that God is faithful. Oh, and by the way, there will be demons… but they stand no chance in the face of faith and the promise of forgiveness.

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