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There Is So Much More

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As our kids grow up and gain experience, it is amazing how quickly they learn that their parents aren’t as dumb as they once were thought to be…

As we celebrate birthdays, confirmation, graduations and other life events of our children, parents and grandparents always wish they could teach their kids just ‘one more thing,’ so that our kids wouldn’t have to experience some of the tough and painful experiences parents had to endure on their own.

Parents, relatives, teachers and we pastors do the very best we can to equip and prepare our kids to leave the nest with confidence and hope… but we can only do what we can, and the responsibility to use all the stuff we taught our kids, is essentially up to our kids. And sure enough, one day the phone will ring with an urgent question about ‘adulting,’ “How do I do the laundry? How do I do my own taxes? How does health insurance work?”

And on goes the cycle of growing up, maturing, leaving the nest and becoming a parent… ‘adulting.’

One day, Jesus’ disciples will be sent out into the world to “do the things that Jesus did, alone!” Jesus is leaving them in mortal form… they will be the “Disciples of Jesus” without Jesus ‘standing’ by their side. As they walked and lived with Jesus those short three years or so, did the disciples listen and learn everything they would need to be a disciple of Jesus, ON THEIR OWN? It seems like Jesus is not concerned, because He knows that they WON’T be alone.

The grand truth is that the Children of God, are never alone! God is as close as the air we breath!

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