Same But Different

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You know how movies get re-made? Sometimes they can flop and sometimes, they can be quite well done. One of my favorite re-makes is “You’ve Got Mail.” The original was titled, “The Shop Around the Corner” from 1940 staring Jimmy Stewart. Both romantic comedies share the plot of a couple who are unknowingly falling in love through written correspondence with someone whom they don’t realize is well known to them in their daily lives. The remake, in this case, included things that were completely different from the 1940 version. Those changes were either interesting or upsetting, depending upon what they were. It also had a lot of nods to the original using familiar names and phrases that reminded fans of the original. In movies and in general, there is comfort in the familiar and changes can be unsettling. The Gospel text for this week will sound familiar to most of us. Familiar because it is similar, yet different from what we are used to hearing. We more often hear the Beatitudes from Gospel of Matthew as part of Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount. This week’s reading is from Luke and is referred to as Jesus’ Sermon on the Plain. Both sermons present the Beatitudes, but the differences between Matthew’s and Luke’s versions can be shocking to hear. Neither version is better than the other or more accurate than the other. So why the differences? Do they matter? Join us, as we hear more about Jesus’ message to his disciples and followers.