Into The Deep Water

Watch the video:

Jesus was a carpenter, not a fisherman. Peter was a fisherman, not a carpenter. Yet, the carpenter is telling the fisherman how to do his job… and the carpenter’s orders, as expected to according to the professional fisherman, made no sense at all. But even though Peter was exhausted after fishing all night, was extremely kind to the apparently clueless carpenter, now called teacher, and did as Jesus ordered. Jesus orders the fishermen to go out to the “deep water,” that meant a farther distance to row, or sail, and also the place where no fish are expected to be… I wonder if they grumbled under their breath about the “teacher/carpenter” from Nazareth as they ventured out to the place these professional fishermen were convinced there were NO fish to be found… At this time, in the biblical narrative/journey, Peter is actually the one who is clueless as to Jesus’ real identity, but we (as the Body of Christ/Easter People) know exactly who Jesus is! Jesus is the Messiah, and we aren’t surprised as to the miraculous result the fishermen are blessed with, BECAUSE they obeyed Jesus. Luke wrote this Gospel for us, the Church, therefore what is the lesson for us? Jesus commands us to go out to the “deep water.” What does “Deep Water” mean to us? Where is this “Deep Water” Jesus is commanding us to go to, and what will we find and experience after we get there? It wasn’t an easy journey, but Peter received blessings beyond imagination and all his community became blessed as well. Let’s look to Peter’s experience and faithfully go out into the “Deep Water.”