Utterly Incredulous

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My wife is firmly convinced that she is better driver than am I. She believes that I drive far too quickly, and has indeed indicated that she is often “scared to death” when she is driving with me. The only moderately objective evidence she has to offer that she is “better” than I am, is that she has never had a ticket. This is true. But it should be noted that the last ticket I had was about 26 years ago. I admit to doing 52 in a 25 mph zone. And in my defense, the street was completely deserted and my motivation was a reasonable justification (I was late for a funeral….surely the application of an arbitrarily chosen limit in a moment of necessity ought to be seen to be as a matter of some discretion, shouldn’t it?) In any case, all the other criticisms she musters are decidedly subjective, and a matter of personal taste, courage, habit, etc. And, most importantly, I happen to know that I am a much better driver than she is. My evidence is sound, too! I have never driven into a garage wall. Nor have I ever taken out a rear-view mirror, by driving into a garage door. I think it safe to say that both animate and inanimate objects have every right to feel considerably safer when I am behind the wheel. (A corollary truth, which she offers as evidence to the contrary, is that I generally arrive much more quickly than she does.) Yes, in truth, I am a better driver than she is….and yet, mama insists that she is! Arghh! It is likely that we will never resolve this debate. Her assertions are as absurd to me, as mine are to her. We have learned in the face of this impasse, to agree to disagree. We both know that we are “right,” and are somewhat incredulous at the claim of the other. Have you ever heard anybody make a statement that just seems to be “over the top” to you? Something about which you are incredulous? Something that just doesn’t make sense? There have been assertions that Jesus has made that just don’t seem to jibe with what popular wisdom dictates. When he was in the synagogue in Nazareth, where he regularly worshiped, he opened the scroll of Isaiah, and after having read the prophecy, told the worshipers that this text was all about him, and was fulfilled right now, in that moment in time. They were incredulous. And so, it seems, are we. What are we to make of it today?