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When It's All Upside Down

Watch the video:

As a mother of two, I experienced the joy and excitement at the revelation that I was expecting. Especially the first time; even though I really didn’t know what I was getting into. I had plenty of fears along the way too. Would I know how to care for him? Would he be healthy? Would I be a good enough parent? Despite what I knew, I still had many concerns and I couldn’t just Google the questions to get answers. There were times when I felt that my life was turned upside down. Then there is Mary, mother of Jesus, whose experience of becoming a mother was not common. She was visited by and angel who told her she would give birth to God’s son. She was very young by our standards. She was poor, uneducated, and promised in marriage to a man who was not the father of the child she carried. She may not have seemed worthy or equipped for her role in the birth and life of the Messiah, but none the less, she was chosen and willing to have her world turned completely upside down. This weekend, as we celebrate the 4th week of Advent, we hear the story of Mary’s joy for the son she brought into this world and the God who used her to fulfill His promise.

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