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Look Up!

Watch the video:

We’ve all seen them; those people who are so involved in what is happening on their smartphones that they don’t bother to look up to acknowledge others near them or don’t notice a potential danger within their surroundings. All of their attention is focused on something less important than the immediate situation. Maybe we are guilty of it ourselves.

Christmas can be like a smartphone in that way. As Halloween ends, and sometimes before, the Christmas decorations begin showing up on store shelves. The advertisements for the perfect gifts are inescapable. Decorations and party planning can consume all of our free time. There is so much to do and only so many days left before Christmas arrives. It all must be done in time and just right. We can be so involved that we can miss other important things. The Gospel this week reminds us of how easily we can lose sight of what we should be preparing for in the coming days.

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