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Not Just Along For The Ride

Watch the video:

Back around 2006, my sister and I were on a trip to Las Vegas to visit our parents. We made a plan to stop along the way at a place that we had heard a little about and were curious to experience. Just over the state line in Primm, Nevada is a place called Buffalo Bills. It’s a casino and hotel, but that wasn’t why we were interested in it. It has a roller coaster that you can see from the interstate as you drive by. From that distance it looks fun and exciting, something that I felt comfortable trying out. You see I hadn’t been told much about it, except that it was amazingly fun and exciting. If I had read the description, which is now posted on the resort's website, I may have thought twice about riding it. So when Jesus tells his disciples about what to expect, in true apocalyptic fashion, I have to wonder what was going through their minds and what it took to stay with the ministry Jesus called them into? As they were admiring the majesty of the Temple, they hear that things will not be what they had expected.

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