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We Are In This Together!

Watch the video:

The first year I played there we did surprisingly well. I was a fair to middling goalie and we had a solid defense. That made us competitive. But not quite good enough. Our coach became increasingly curt with our offensive players. They were the ones who scored the goals. They were the ones who got the glory. They were the ones who were popular. They were never blamed for a loss, as were we on the defense. They were always the heroes. Towards the end of the year, when the playoffs found us playing better teams, tougher teams, we weren’t doing so well. So coach began the process of teaching the importance of working as a team...a whole team. In one game, we were tied, but we had been badly outplayed. I was exhausted. In two periods of play, I had faced and stopped over fifty shots on goal. In order to get through to them, in between the second and third periods, he dressed down the offense. They hadn’t produced a thing. He said, if we aren’t in this together, we will lose. You cannot expect the defense to do everything. Get with it. Participate. Get it through your thick skulls, “We Are In This Together!” We all must do our best. Jesus’ observation of the widow giving everything she owned, is often interpreted to be a simple call to do our best, and it is. But it means more.

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