Even When I Give Up, God Doesn't

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For many years, I had given up on my brother. He was drowning in problems related to alcoholism, and every part of his personal life was messed up because of it. Not only that, his irresponsibility, born of his disease, was bankrupting my parents and making their lives very difficult. When the pastor’s child is creating embarrassing situations in the congregation, it’s a problem. But, all that said, my folks never gave up on him. I was disgusted by what I perceived to be their ridiculous permissiveness. “He’s a manipulative slob,” I argued. “Why let him drag you down the drain with him.”

But no matter how low he seemed to go, or despite my insistence to abandon ship before it sank, they would not give up on him.

God is like that with his children, too. Even though there is clear evidence of ingratitude and constant complaint, God just doesn’t give up. Indeed, even when we push back against, and reject the solution (Jesus) that God has proffered to resolve all our problems (sin). God Doesn’t Give Up, Ever!