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The Pretty Yellow Flowers

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I have a cousin who once came out to Grandma and Grandpa’s farm one summer, while I happened to be there too. She was three or four years younger than me, and had boundless curiosity and wanted to help Grandma do everything. For me, that was good, because that freed me up to go help Grandpa, and as everyone knows, 9 year old boys should be helping Grandpas not Grandmas…(although, I was much happier to help Grandma on bread baking days.)

On one occasion, on a day in late summer, Grandpa and I were coming in from the garage where he’d been working on rebuilding a motor. My cousin was on the ground looking intently at a dandelion that had gone to seed. “Grandpa” she asked, “What happened to this flower?” He pulled one and showed her that by blowing on it, all the little “parachute” seeds would scatter all over the place. “That,” he told her, “is how they grow.” “But I like the little flowers,” she complained. “Well, the only way we have those little flowers is if these seeds are blown around.” She seemed pensive. She muttered something about, “We need to have more pretty yellow flowers.”

As we walked away, I could see that she was plucking them, handfuls at a time, and blowing the seeds as far and wide as she could. I asked Grandpa, “You sure you want her to do that?” He smiled and said, “It’ll be ok.”

In the coming days, for the two weeks that I was there along with my cousin, I would see her every single day, blowing bouquets of dandelion seeds, ensuring the survival of those pretty yellow flowers.

There are times that stories provide utterly unintended results or insights. The parables are like that. Join us, as we discuss the significance of mustard seeds in God’s Kingdom, and whether or not, that image is really that comforting.

Pr. Luther

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