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It's Worth the Risk!

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It can be a very hurtful thing, when family or others close to you call you “crazy”. To have a decision challenged is one thing, but to see that they really are concerned that you may be a bit “off” is troubling. This has happened to me a couple of times in the course of my life.

I’ve always been understood to be a bit eccentric by many of my family members. There have been times when some of my uncles and aunts lapse into an awkward silence when I enter a room because they just don’t quite know what to say to me. I’m the educated nephew, which is off-putting enough, but I’m also the one who travels to very “strange” places, and worse than any of this is the fact that I’m a pastor. And of course, in their defense, no normal person knows what to say to a pastor.

When I told my brother that we were moving to serve in Africa, I had imagined that his response would be excitement for us, perhaps even congratulatory. But instead, his first words were, “Are you nuts? Why on earth would you do that? Can’t you find work here?”

I’m hoping I’m not the only one to have experienced this rather isolating sensation??? I’m pretty sure that when we think “outside the box” at all, most of us will encounter it from time to time. In fact, Jesus did too!

In this sermon, we’ll explore how the criticism of Jesus and the questioning of his sanity, extended even to his family. There is a risk in thinking progressively. There is a risk in “living” God’s good news! Somebody might call you crazy! But, it’s worth the risk.

Pr. Luther

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