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John’s Artistic License

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In any couple, there is seldom 100% consistency with the way significant events are retold. I have told the story of how I met my wife, and she assures me that I have not done so accurately, and on occasion, has suggested revisionist history. For me, that’s not true. I tell it as I remember it, and in terms of what it meant to me, both then and now. This reality applies not only for conversations between partners in life, but also in the community generally. We see things differently, and objectivity becomes a less critical element in the perception of truth, than is subjective experience. I recognize that the very elements that may have been important to me, may not have been such a big deal to others. It does lead to confusion about what is true and what is not. This may come as a great revelation to some, but one’s spouse does not always (or even necessarily) see things as do you!

The writer of John’s Gospel was very concerned about getting his point across, and adapted the context of the story, in addition to some of its details, to clearly express himself. This sermon explores the importance and strength of John’s artistic license, looking at how differently from the synoptics, John’s Gospel tells the story of Jesus’ overturning tables in the temple.

~Pr. Luther

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