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When I was a younger man, and as a lover of music, I was excessively proud of my stereo system. As a teenager, I actually learned how to build quite good quality speakers, and built them of solid mahogany. But when I was old enough to work consistently, I began to save…and save and save, and when most of my peers were buying expensive cars or going on ski vacations, I bought my stereo. I looked at, and listened to everything I could, and I made my choice. The sound was exquisite. I loved that stereo…still do. It sounds exceptionally clear and sharp. A decision that was truly a great challenge to me, was whether or not to take “my baby” with me when we moved to Africa…. In the end, my music was one luxury I chose to take with me. I didn’t know how little electricity we would actually have to use it, but when we did, there was wonderful music to be heard. In the first year we were there, when one of the older students, who’d only had a second or third grade education came over to my office one day, he was fascinated by my stereo. I wondered if his appreciation for music was what drew him in but alas, it was not. It was the electronic door on the front of the cabinet that opened touchlessly, with a wave of the hand. He was convinced it was magic. I invited him to listen to the music, to hear the different instruments and the bass and the treble, but nothing…the doors were the charm. As Christians we sometimes fail to see what Jesus would have us see, and get caught up, not in his majesty or glory, but in the “magic” that amuses us, most notably his miracles. In this sermon we shall focus more on Jesus’ authority and position, and less on the man possessed. This wasn’t about what magic Jesus could do, but simply that Jesus is Jesus, our King! ~Pastor Luther

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