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How'd You Do?

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The end of my first semester of college had come, and I had begun to hear the “question”. I was annoyed by it, because my exams all ended up coming right at the very end of the examination period, so I didn’t even want to think about results just yet. I was deathly afraid that I might blow it, and get bad grades. The “question” was simply an inquiry regarding how well one had done on their final exams. But I didn’t want to hear it; at least not just yet. A friend of mine, a business major, was in the same predicament. A late exam schedule, meant prolonged agony, and by definition, a shorter holiday period. It was most irritating.

By the end of the exams though, pretty much every one else had gone home. It was around December 20, and our grades were being posted. We drove around campus to where each respective teacher posted student grades; he checked his and then I checked mine. He reported his grades to me every time. He had achieved three 2’s and one 3. He wasn’t happy, but seemed ok. His performance had me fearing the worst. Each time I got back into the car he asked, “How’d You Do?” The first time was awkward, because he’d just told me about a 2. I had a 4. The second stop for me, again…”How’d You Do?” I began to sputter quite a lot because I really didn’t want to say. After we got back to the dorm, he simply said, “I knew you weren’t normal.”

Life sometimes seems like a test that God is using to measure our worthiness for heaven, and regarding which we often seem to ask each other, “How’d You Do?” In this sermon we’ll explore how well we’re doing with the gifts we’ve been given. In the end “How We Do” is not so much about end results as it is about faithful effort, seeking always to serve as a sign of gratitude.

Pr. Luther

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