Trapped by Illusions

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There are moments when I am reminded that I am but an occasional resident in my home. When I am tempted to assume that my rank would afford me some privilege, I am quickly disabused of that notion. By way of example, even on days when the southern California heat is blistering, and the evening temperature inside the house is higher than tolerable, I am given the “look” when I turn on the AC. The “look” means, “this is too expensive…what are you doing?” And just when it is beginning to be just this side of the torments of Hades, I am told, “you can turn that off now.” I learned many years ago, not to risk challenging “she who shall not be named,” and so I comply.

For Labor Day, my family had traveled to Yosemite for a few days, leaving me to work. It was ghastly hot, and in truth, I may well have joyously rubbed my hands together, knowing that no one could stop me now;…. the AC would come on….at least until bed time!

I got home late one evening, and about a half hour after getting back, I received a phone call from my wife, and I remember briefly worrying that she would hear the compressor and scold me for running the AC. But she could not hear it, so I was safe. But what she did say, surprised me beyond words. She instructed me, in view of the heat wave, that before I left in the morning, I was to adjust the AC so that at a prescribed point, it would come on. Surprisingly kind, I thought. But it wasn’t what I thought. It was a very brief illusion.

In this sermon we shall hear how our illusions prevent us from knowing the truth…the real truth. Jesus invites us to know the Truth, and in knowing it, to be truly free! This year we celebrate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, and Luther’s rediscovery of the great truths of God’s love for us.

Pr. Luther