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Four and Five Year Olds (Pre-kindergarten)

We work with our Pre-K children to help prepare them for the challenges of and transition to elementary school.

*Two of the most important skills are following directions and listening skills.

*We help them with self-control, empathy, and learning to be part of a group. They are better able to express their ideas verbally at this age and begin to understand and follow classroom rules.

*Morning Gathering Time: As a group, we discuss the calendar was well as name and letter recognition.

*Children “Sign-in” daily (recognizing and writing their own first name).

*One-to-One Attention during Academics. Our teacher works individually with a child on upper and lower case letter, number, and shape recognition and writing; they learn the proper way to write letters (top to bottom, left to right) and proper “pincer grip” to hold writing implements.

*Writing lessons also include journal writing as a group assignment on a special topic where the children do a drawing and dictate to the teacher about their drawing.

*Sight word recognition.

*Fine motor skills are focused on. Cutting is done with one-to-one attention and proper holding and cutting with scissors is practiced.

*Academic activities are balanced with free play and healthy outdoor play times for a well-rounded curriculum.

*We offer weekly chapel time to strengthen their spiritual and character development.

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