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Enrichment Programs for the Children

Music Program: We offer a weekly Music Program with a full-credentialed teacher. Her name is Beckie Steller and she is the Director of Traditional & Youth Music at the Church. The 1/2 hr. music instruction is for the 3 & 4 yr old classes at 9:30 am and 10 am, respectively. Beckie uses a program called, “First Steps in Music for Preschool & Beyond.” It develops music appreciation and instruction in 3 ways: Tuneful-ness, Beatful-ness, and Artful-ness.

Chapal: Every week children two years of age and older, attend chapel time in our sanctuary with the teachers. This is a time for singing songs and listening to a Bible story. Every month children are introduced to a new story complimented with art activities and enrichment opportunities. A parent letter is sent out each month to keep parents informed of the monthly lesson. Bible topics follow the Church calendar.Children are taught short prayers and blessings for snack and lunch time.Vacation Bible School, which is sponsored by the church, is offered to all children during the summer. A registration fee is collected by the church for this program.

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