Mexico House Build 06/03/17

In the early hours of a Saturday morning in June, 30 volunteers from ILC and Project Mercy gathered in the parking lot of ILC to begin the day. The goal of the day: to build a house in Mexico.

The caravan of vehicles left the church at 6am and traveled south, crossing the border and arriving in the Fuentes del Valle (Valley of Fountains) colonia on the outskirts of Tijuana at 8:30am. After some brief instructions and a prayer the work began.

First up is organizing the materials, then one group starts painting trim, others work on cutting the wood and another group works on framing the walls. Before you know it the first wall is going up. The construction continues at a rapid rate but there is much to do including painting the house inside and out, putting in and framing windows and a door, building a loft and shingling the roof. By the time the house was complete it almost 6pm. A long day but with amazing results. All that was left was to present the owner with the keys to the new house and say a prayer to bless the family and the new house.

After a brief stop for tacos in Tecate, the group proceeded back over the border around 8pm and to home, exhausted but filled with a sense of accomplishment and happy to know that another deserving family was now in a new home.

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