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Mexico House Build 04/23/16

On Saturday, April 23rd, twenty volunteers from ILC and Project Mercy traveled to the outskirts of Tijuana to build a new house for a deserving family. Despite it being a long day (and longer border wait), everyone enjoyed themselves and gained a lot personally from the experience.

We built the house for the Hernandez family, which includes Mom, Dad, son (5), and daughter (4). We also brought them a new microwave oven, quilts, toys, and a few other items for their new home. The family, who helped us with the work throughout the day, was very, very appreciative of everything they had received. This was truly a life-changing day for this family, and we all felt blessed to be part of it.

Thank you to all the fantastic volunteers, who worked very hard all day and built a great home. We also want the thank the Piecemakers for the beautiful quilts. And, special thanks to the ILC congregation for the generous donations that made this project possible, as well as the prayers and words of support we took with us to Mexico.

Click here for more information on Project Mercy


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