Just a Silly Dream?

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Ever had a dream you couldn’t quite remember? Sometimes, it seems as if something really important is going on, something you’d want to remember, but cannot. It is really frustrating. For me the problem is exacerbated by the fact that I generally have very vivid and detailed dreams, which I am able to remember. In them, any number of things have happened. For example, I have on a number of occasions, been able to fly not unlike Superman. Equally as exciting have been the times I have jetted through the air in a flying car. But at other times, I have felt sensations so apparently real that I have awakened, frightened. (Like suffocating or falling off a cliff.) So when I have a dream that feels as if I should remember, and I cannot, I spend at least a portion of my waking time thereafter, quite frustrated. It can change your whole day. Indeed, such dreams can inexplicably “pick you up” when you most need it, or it can drag you down into real sadness.

Powerful things can be driven by dreams. There is a sense in which Jesus’ vision of our world has been seen by some as just a silly dream.

In this sermon we shall explore a very famous dream from the old testament, the interpretation of which impacted Hebrew thinking right into Jesus day; even making an appearance in his rather morose parable of the landowner and the evil tenants. As “dream-like” Jesus’ Kingdom sometimes seems to be, in the face of the violence and evil with which we live, Jesus promises us it will happen!

~Pr. Luther