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"Forgiveness: An Attainable Goal?" - Gospel Matthew 18:21-35

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I was a wee bit dejected. I had been watching an NBA game, and as a high school basketball player, I wanted to do what they did. The players with whom I was most impressed could “dunk” the basketball…that is, jump up high enough to literally put the ball in the hoop by hand. But many of these guys were close to 7 feet tall. I had topped out at 5’ 10 3/4”, which was embellished to read 5’11” on game programs.

When the coach came by asking, and I told him why I was down, he said well, you have two problems….first is how you’ll ever get up there, and the second, is what to do, once you are. So we started on exercises that had “dunking the basketball” as a goal…in my case, a virtually theoretically unattainable goal. Forgiveness is an exercise that needs to be seen in such a way….a goal; perhaps largely unattainable, but an important one nonetheless. It is critical not to confuse it with magnanimity or our generous “overlooking” of unimportant wrongs done us. That sort of thing is easy. Jesus however, is talking about the tough stuff; the stuff that leaves scars. In this sermon we explore the importance and challenge of forgiveness. ~Pr. Luther

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