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"Do We Really Know How God Works?" - Gospel: Matthew 16:21-28

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The whole family could see it. It was clear to everyone. Their son was an alcoholic, with every associated problem you can imagine. And his problems impacted the whole family. In fact, it seemed that the whole family was in a whirlwind. Everyone’s reaction to the boy, produced reactions to one another. It was a mess.

Sound familiar? This is a story that I can draw from a couple of different lines within my own family, but I have to tell you, it is a story that is remarkably common place.

So is this….

The parents forgave the boy; in the eyes of most, long before he ever deserved to be forgiven. And when challenged on their apparent naiveté, their response was, “you just don’t understand…”

It is true for most of us, at least until we have lived life a goodly number of years, that we just can’t wrap our arms around the profundity of a parent’s love for a child, especially for a misguided child.

In this sermon hear how Peter was put in his place by Jesus’, because as Jesus put it, “you just don’t get how God works.” It is important for the rest of us to recognize that quite often, neither do we!

~Pr. Luther

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