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"We Just Don’t Know, or Do We?" - Gospel: Matthew 28:16-20

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What’s the new pastor going to be like? That was a question that had obviously preoccupied the minds of all the members of the congregation. That was probably okay…normal even…but since I was the new pastor, that uncertainty sort of lingered and made everything seem a bit weird at first. Some thought the new pastor would be like pastors of the past, who were of superhero status, and had perfected the art of pastoral ministry. Some worried that the new pastor would be like the previous pastor, whose ministry was somewhat less than successful in the minds of most. It was an anxiety ridden time for them, since they just didn’t know.

As it turns out, the disciples were faced with the same sort of anxiety, about precisely who Jesus was. In truth, there were many “Messiahs" roaming around in those days, all of whom were supposed by their followers to be saviors, sent by God to confront the Roman oppression. But was this Jesus? They just didn’t know.

In this sermon we’ll explore who exactly Jesus is, for the disciples, and for us!

~Pr. Luther

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