"Life-Giving or Life-Draining?" - Gospel John 10:1-10

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When we lived in Cameroon, we heard about this new thing that had just been developed that was going to change everything. Life would be better; and it would be easier. It will improve communication. It will truly help, or so we were told. It was called “electronic mail” or “e-mail”. And for us, that was a big deal.

Some time after we moved, my grandpa died in July, and we didn’t get the letter from grandma telling us about it until November. I felt terrible. It was horrible to know that I didn’t even know to be sad for several months….so this news about this “new” thing, was for us, pretty exciting!

To be sure, the advent of email and cell phones has literally changed life in Cameroon, generally for the better. A place that was at one time totally isolated, is now a part of the world in ways that make everyone’s life a bit easier. But sometimes, these “advances” are not all that they are cracked up to be…

Now, in these days, I literally get dozens (perhaps hundreds) of emails, every single day. That which at one point in time was a profound convenience and a delightful innovation, has become burdensome in completely unexpected ways. I spend so much time on email that That which was touted as life-giving has become life-draining.

There are many other such examples; a good job, a calling, can give meaning to one’s life that may not otherwise seem available. But then, that calling, and all of its demands can eventually, and quite literally, suck the life right out of a person. Life-giving or life-draining?

In this sermon we shall underscore the beautiful Johannine emphasis on Christ’s divinity, and how God is very truly the only life giving source out there; and moreover, all other so called life giving things may prove the opposite.

~Pr. Luther