Information for First Time Guests


In worship we hear God’s Word and share the sacrament of the Lord’s Supper. Child care is provided throughout Sunday morning. All services are held in the main sanctuary. 

Our worship schedule is:

5:30pm, Saturday - Abbreviated liturgy with piano

8:30am, Sunday - Traditional liturgy with organ and choirs

5:00pm, Sunday (Beginning August 22nd, 2021) - Contemporary worship with praise band “Revived”   


The 8:30am Sunday service is a live and live streamed blended worship service with piano, organ, choirs, and our praise band "Revived".

Join us from the comfort of your home by clicking HERE.

We begin our live stream with a countdown​ to the start of worship 5 minutes before worship (8:25 am PST).

The content of the sermon is the same at all three weekend services.  

How We Take Communion

We have an open table at Incarnation. All believers are welcome to commune, including children of all ages, subject to their parents’ discretion. We use two methods for serving communion:


Communion is served by intinction at standing stations at the 5:30p and 8:30a services. The pastor will hand you a wafer  and say: “The body of Christ is given for you.” (If you require gluten free, please indicate so at this time.) You will then dip your wafer into  the wine in the silver chalice  or the grape juice in the ceramic chalice as the communion server says: “The blood of Christ is shed for you.”  You may respond, “Amen” and eat the wafer; then return to your seat.   


Communion is served by communing each other at the 11:00a service. We pass a basket containing communion packets from one to another. The person holding the basket will take a packet, then turn to you and say “The body and blood of Christ is given for you.” You take a packet out of the basket; then take the basket and turn to the next person and say “The body and blood of Christ is given for you.” (or something close to that, you can’t get it wrong...). When everyone has received a packet, all will commune together following the direction of the pastor. Wine is not used at this service. The communion packets are not gluten free, but gluten free wafers are available at this service as well.  


What should I wear?

God accepts us as we are - no matter who we are, what we do, or how we dress. Worshipers at Incarnation wear anything from shorts and tee shirts, to pants and golf shirts, to suits and ties. Please wear whatever you feel is most comfortable for you in this setting.  


Christian Education for All Ages    

During the school year Sunday School is offered for children pre-k through 12th grade from 9:45-10:45a.  Adults meet at the same time when classes are offered.  


Sunday Morning Fellowship

From 9:30-11:00 between services, coffee is served in the courtyard.  Shortly before the 11:00a Service, coffee and doughnuts are served.  


Baptisms, Weddings, Memorials

We look forward to celebrating important life events with you and your family.  Please contact the church office (858-487-2225) for more information about baptisms, hosting weddings, and memorial services.


Incarnation is located at 16889 Espola Road, just east of the Poway/Rancho Bernardo city limit. We can be easily identified by our electronic sign and the big bell tower. From I-15, take the Rancho Bernardo Road exit and turn east, (toward Lake Poway.) Rancho Bernardo Road becomes Espola Road.  



We have ample parking, with lots in front of and behind the complex, with handicap spaces on the east side of the campus, directly ahead as you drive in the driveway and in the upper level lot behind the preschool.