Seeing The Real Thing

Watch the video: I thought I knew him. I did, of course. Knew him well. I’ve even told you about him. He was my dad. But once in a while, he surprised me. It was in my early twenties, thinking about grad schools, and I knew my range of choices would be somewhat broader if I had my US passport. Dad’s dad, my grandpa was born in Colorado, and that had given my dad US citizenship. He never bothered to get a passport but now, if I could prove that he had lived in the states for 12 or more years (which he had), I could get him a passport. And most importantly, if I could get him a passport, I could get Luther a passport. He agreed to help. He brought me a bunch of old letters and papers a

Ash Wednesday

Our Ash Wednesday worship services will be held on February 26. The mid-day worship will begin at 12:00pm and the evening worship will begin at 7:00pm.

40 Days with Jesus Lent - Wednesday Worship Series

Join us on Wednesday evenings as we encounter eyewitness dramatizations over the course of Christ's ministry leading up to his crucifixion. This sermon and video series will help all of us to prepare for Easter. Each week we will highlight a major event in Christ's life and how it impacts people's lives today. Join us at 7:00pm, Wednesdays, beginning on March 4.

Power of The Word

Watch the video: Words have meaning, and the meaning of our words command consequences. With a gun we can kill and maim, with words we can destroy a person’s soul and wound the heart forever. With the wrong choice of words, we can destroy relationships and burden someone else, and even ourselves, with the heavy burden of bearing a grudge, or even demanding, “payback.” But words also have power to forgive; therefore, words have the power to make us free, free to be the true Children of God. God has empowered us with the Gift of Forgiveness, thus giving us the power to create community with each other, and the gift of a free and loving relationship with our Creator God. Pastor Tim

Mexico House Build, May 2nd, 2020

Saturday, May 2: Mexico House Build Our next mission project with Project Mercy will be May 2, 2020. We will travel down to Mexico and build a house for a deserving family in one-day. We need to raise $6,000 to pay for the building materials, if interested in donating please mark checks with "Project Mercy". Please contact Jake Johnson ( to volunteer or with questions.

Salt And Light

Watch the video: Marlon Hall, one of the speakers at the last ELCA Youth Gathering, told us his mother’s strategy for presenting a new idea to a group was to clearly state the intentions and then share stories that inform those intentions. With that in mind, my intention for this weekend’s message is to get you fired up for Christ and God’s mission in the world. The Gospel story that will inform this intention features Jesus telling his disciples that they are salt and light. Maybe that doesn’t sound like a fiery story. Or, maybe there’s more to it. Deacon Mindy Bugaj

Where To Begin???

Watch the video: When I first arrived, I was overwhelmed. The school was a mess. It had neither been cleaned or maintained, obviously, in a very long time. That piece needed to be attended to…. The students at the school were desperately in need of teaching. They had had no instruction for years, and had been asked to read and to study as best they could, until the “new missionary” got there. There were other professors, but they didn’t seem to be terribly concerned about advancing anyone’s education. That piece needed to be attended to…. The francophone congregation in the place in which we would be worshiping hadn’t had pastoral service for years, and it was clear that there was an e


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