Because God Loves Us

Watch the video: She was weeping, frustrated. “I was just having a good time. I didn’t think a drink or two would hurt.” I had a couple in counseling. The husband had come to me, because he was convinced that his wife was being unfaithful. Now she had come in and had confessed that something had happened. Something for which she felt guilty, but somehow not responsible... It was the beer... Time and time again there is a naive assumption that alcohol is an essentially harmless agent for amusement. “Mistakes are made with it to be sure, but it is the consumer that is the problem, not the drink.” Limits are placed on the amount that anyone can consume and operate motor vehicles. Limits

Not What Was Expected!

Watch the video: There was a ton of excitement! A lot of expectation...people knew what they wanted to see and anticipated a win. The 1988 Winter Olympics were coming to Calgary, and there was electricity in the air everywhere. There was a rush to complete the venues. There was a rush to finish the renovations of all the hotels in the area. Olympic paraphernalia was everywhere. I was in the throes of completing an MA and didn’t have a lot of time to devote to thinking about much of any of it, but I do remember thinking how cool it was going to be to watch the Canadian National Hockey Team win the Olympic gold, right there where I was living. Even for one who’s been accused of unhealth

What Should Joseph Do?

Watch the video: Imagine the scene, it is a common scene throughout history, a man who is very much in love with a young girl. He has hoped to marry this girl since he first saw her. Finally, his dream has come true, they are engaged to be married! The word is out, their village has heard the news, and they all anticipate there will soon be a joyous wedding in their village with all the celebration these two righteous and faithful people deserve… Then the young man, hears news that destroys his dreams and shatters his anticipated future… she is pregnant… and he knows he is not the father… If this was a movie day, how do you think a modern movie director would tell the story about what would

You'll Do!

Watch the video: When she saw me, she was clearly distraught. She said, “Father...”. I smiled and said hi, but didn’t particularly react to that, since that title is often used when I’m out in the community somewhere wearing the clerical collar, and I know it always to be meant with respect. She continued, “Father, can you come with me?” I said “What is it? What’s wrong?” She said, starting to weep, “it’s my mom....she needs Last Rites.” Knowing full well the importance of this sacrament in the Roman Catholic community, I told her that I wasn’t a priest, but a Lutheran pastor, but that I would help her to find a priest if I could. She paused, worried, and then she looked at me, overlon

Sunday School Children of ILC Present...

Silent Night: The Birth of a Carol Presented by the children of ILC's Sunday School on Saturday, December 14 at the 5:30 service. Watch the video: Travel back to Christmas Eve, 1818 and a small Austrian church nestled in the Alps. Mice have made a shamble of the organ creating quite a problem for Pastor Joseph Mohr and Franz Gruber. There’s a happy ending!

Poinsettia Fundraiser

Incarnation’s preschool is in desperate need of security gates for the safety of our littlest charges. Please consider purchasing a poinsettia plant donated from Armstrong’s Nursery for $20 on December 21stafter the 5:30 service or on December 22ndbetween services. Don’t need a poinsettia? Consider donating towards the cost of installing the security gates. Thank you… The Preschool and the Preschool Board.

Awash With Expectations

Watch the video: Are you counting down the days until Christmas at your house? There is certain to be excitement and anticipation for all that this season holds. I'd guess that we each have some expectations of the season as well. We expect the Amazon delivery to show up as scheduled. We expect to have family fun on Christmas day. We expect that everyone around us will be as joyful as we are for Christmas. Sometimes we don't get what we expect, at Christmas, or other times of the year too. Simply put, people can't always live up to our expectations. This weekend's Gospel isn't a happy, pre-baby Jesus, joy-filled, Christmas carol kind of a message. It's not quite what some may ex

Expected, But Somehow Unexpected

Watch the video: While looking at my car the other day, someone asked, “Does it have a rotary engine?” Clearly, this was an older fellow who’s been around long enough to know that Mazda had at one point produced vehicles with rotary motors. I immediately thought of Uncle Fred. When I was a kid, my mom had friends who used to come and visit from time to time. They were an older couple, and Auntie Margaret as we used to call her, had nursed with mom many years before. So once in a while, from time to time, Uncle Fred and Auntie Margaret would call up and say, “We’re on our way for a visit…” Uncle Fred drove a little Mazda 1/4 ton truck, and it had a rotary motor. He thought it was the best


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