Coloris Aurei Alia Plaustra

Watch the video: Rolf Jacobson, who is a professor of Old Testament at Luther Seminary recently commented on our text today, and shared an interesting anecdote that I found particularly appealing. He started by asking a strange sort of question: He asked, “On your last drive of more than ten minutes, how many orange cars or trucks did you see?” I thought it was such an interesting question, I’d ask you. How about it? How many orange cars did you see on your last drive of ten or more minutes? This weekend, we celebrate Christ the King Sunday. A weird sort of celebration when you think about it. The text we will share is about a man who is not only reviled, but taunted and ridiculed a

It's Not Going To Be Easy

Watch the video: Great Grandma Clarke was a pill. She was a stubborn, determined, meddling, belligerent old lady that quite frankly, no one liked very much. It is sad to say, but my recollection of the overarching sentiment when she died, was one of relief. My father, a pastor, but also an organist, had been asked to play for her funeral. When he came down from playing, he was as white as a ghost. Mom asked him if he was ok. And he said, I could have sworn she was staring at me…. The mystique of Grandma Clarke went on even after her death. After she died, her belongings were shared according to her wishes. My dad was given her Bible, which was a very old KJV that was filled wit


Watch the video: The other night, my wife and I participated in a wonderful “Tables of Eight” gathering at a member home, and in our conversations we talked about things to which young people nowadays just couldn’t really relate. For example, a rotary dial telephone. That prompted a conversation about how very much phone technology has changed. “Party line” telephones; overseas “trunk line” calls; mobile phones the size of toasters; all things that few people under the age of 21 would have heard of, let alone experience. In this Sunday’s curious gospel text, Luke recounts an incident where Jesus is challenged by a group of Sadducees. But before telling this story, he clarifies who the Sa

Robotics Team!

Congratulations to Incarnation Lutheran Church's Lego Robotics team for earning second place in "Robotic Design" at their first competition!

Reforming Values

Jesus looked up and said to his disciples, "Blessed are you who are poor, for yours is the kingdom of God. 21 "Blessed are you who are hungry now, for you will be filled.” “Blessed,” has become a very ‘churchy’ word with little meaning for most people. “Happy” is another common translation, but that word has grown too small in contemporary usage, I fear. Think of “Blessed” as “unburdened” or “satisfied.” Jesus also addresses people who are the opposite of the first groups: the wealthy, the satiated, the laughing, and the acclaimed. To all of these he cries out, “Woe!” In this context, “woe” functions as a sharp contrast to “blessed,” yet the Greek does not mean “cursed”


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